Are consultations free?


How are fees calculated?

After an initial consultation, you will receive a proposal for the services fee, estimated on a per day basis. The hourly fee is $150 or $900 for a six-hour day, inclusive of travel.

Can I choose a single service?

Yes. The fee is estimated on a per hour or per day basis depending on the required research and preparation.

What if I need exhibit organization, but am not ready tour the show?

Sometimes an exhibit is organized with funding pending. Services are supplied on an as-needed basis.

When do I start to plan?

Planning begins when you have a new series, or want to have a retrospective or special themed exhibit.

What can I do on my own to get ready to show work?

The first step to organize work for a show is to have complete files: titles, dates of creation, medium, dimensions, value, and images.

What is the timeframe to plan and travel an exhibi

Standard practice suggests a one to two-year planning schedule to recruit exhibit venues and prepare materials (exhibit and publications).

What are my responsibilities during an exhibit or tour?

Artists often make themselves available to assist with installation, attend opening receptions, and provide media interviews.

How/when are services invoiced and due?

Payment of fees is due net 30 days upon receipt of invoice.