• Develop exhibition focus & themes
  • Identify venues from potential hosts for the exhibit or tour
  • Develop budgets, sources of funding & promotional options
  • Develop tour schedules to offer & contract the exhibit
  • Identify necessary documents
  • Write exhibit materials

STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES provides the overview, options and documents that an artist or organization needs to efficiently package an exhibit.From planning a one-venue show with a sponsoring venue, to organizing an exhibit to promote and travel to several venues, STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES identifies the steps necessary for a great experience.

Planning, timelines, preparation, promotion, and administration and management of art exhibits can seem overwhelming. STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES can streamline the process and help you through it.

Initial planning saves time and money and helps produce the best product possible: it’s one way to incorporate professionalism in contacts with the arts community and interaction with the public.

Spend your time creating art work or hosting exhibits, not the details that require administrative organization and attention. Let STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES help assess the commercial and financial viability of your next venture, and help create a context for your project that makes it convenient and memorable for all stakeholders.