• Online or studio-visit review & recommendations for exhibition options
  • Asses & recommend readiness: installation- ready art, project-ready files & information
  • Recommendations & standards for packing, shipping, handling of art work
  • Provision of condition reports and other forms and directions to monitor ongoing care of art work

STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES applies a trained and objective eye to an artist’s or organization’s exhibit goal. Whether reviewing for a retrospective, unveiling of a new body of work, or creating a group show featuring a process or thematic approach, STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES lends a valuable outsider’s viewpoint to the process of choosing a List of Work.

Bringing over 15 years of experience to exhibit development and design, STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES creates an exhibit layout plan that balances object installation, content structure and visitor experience.

Size and medium of art work, style and uniformity of presentation, and ease of packing/repacking of art work combine to create an exhibit or tour package that is well received and encourages future opportunities. Avoid difficult or less advantageous situations with excellent curation, presentation appropriate to the art work, and preparing for a variety of installation skill levels.

Curation for STUDIO EXHIBIT SERVICES extends from selecting art work for a show to identifying a variety of visitor engagement strategies.